Roller banners, also known as banner stands, pop up or roll up banners are a great advertising tool! Strangely there doesn’t seem to be a standardised name for these advertising displays and it differs from area to area in the country what they are called.

To describe them, they are a metal box, in which is a retractable printed banner which rolls up (hence roller) and becomes a self supporting display with printed material on it. When the display is no longer needed, the printed part rolls back down into the metal box containing the print.

They come in various sizes (of which we carry multiple) to suit your specific application. Larger format roller banners are ideally suited for trade shows and exhibitions. Smaller banners are more suited to more intimate presentations and are a great marketing prop.

The printed part of the roller banner will contain your advertising message. Available in different finishes, this part will benefit from vibrant colours and high quality print (which of course we use).

Roller banners are highly portable and you can set them up in a few seconds. The case which acts as the container for the banner comes in different grades, and the mechanism sets the banner apart in terms of quality.

They are a great marketing tool – the best part is you can literally use them anywhere to get your message across. The message is just as important as the quality of the roller banner, and this is something we’ll touch on in our next blog post.