While we provide great hardware, awesome quality print with vivid colours on a durable material, your roller banner will only be as good as the design you’ve chosen to display. Here’s some great tips for getting the best our of your roller banner investment.

When thinking about colour palette, the first thing you should consider is your organisation’s overall design theme. The best place to start for this will be your organisation’s website. If you think about it, the web designers will have already done a tonne of legwork getting your organisation’s website sorted, so why duplicate a tonne of work reinventing the wheel.

So, let’s say you’ve looked at your organisation’s site and found a way to include that on your roller banner. Next step will be to consider the logo. If you’re a corporate client, then the logo will in most cases be untouchable with all kinds of rules on how it is to be used. Take this into consideration in the design of the banner, particularly with relation to colours. If you select a palette that will clash overly with your company’s logo, you may want to rethink your design (or compromise and put a border around the logo).

Finally, consider your audience. A design that’s super loud with primary colours might not be suited to the environment of a high end trade show, but may go down great at the other end of the scale where people are chasing a bargain. Opposite is true, often high end designs are restrained, with few colours that gently compliment each other. The important thing is to get your message across, and your design of your roller banner will play a crucial part in that.