Christmas is upon us! Just over 30 days to go and we will all be eating way too much food and hopefully unwrapping some nice presents this year, instead of the standard pair of socks and gift card to the local restaurant.

For those of us in the advertising world, Christmas time presents us with unique opportunities and challanges. It’s the biggest time of year for many organisations for obvious reasons and getting the marketing mix right can make or break a season.

Tis’ the time of giving

One great way to boost sales this time of year is through promotion codes or discount vouchers. These give shoppers the impression they are getting a deal, which for many savvy shoppers is one of the most important factors they take into account when making a purchase. There’s nothing wrong with being generous at Christmas season – giving money off with an online voucher code will make your shoppers appreciate your generosity and will often more than offset the cost of the promotion in the first place.

Tis’ the time of print advertising

If you’re lucky to have a store front, congratulations, you’re about to be very busy. But how to maximise this all important time of year? Festive vinyl banners, and roller banners with festive artwork are the way to go! Nothing conveys the Chirstmas message better than some high quality print showing off your products or services with some festive joy. Roller banners can be extra useful at this time of year as they are easy to deploy and can occupy space in your shop just for Christmas. When the festive season is over, they can be collapsed down into their case for next year, or alternately replacement prints can mean you can resuse it through the year!