Keep it simple!

Too often artwork will come in that’s overly complicated and gives a mixed message. Anyone old enough to remember the 1980s may know of the infamous Mac advert which was very clever but completely baffled the target audience (Apple of course have got better at their advertising since then :). Your Roller banner should be simple, straightforward, to the point, leaving all the clever concept artwork in the studio.

Don’t include prices

While it may be a good idea to include your prices if you’re doing a special offer, often it’s a mistake to put prices on your roller banner. Think about it, if your roller banner you’ve just ordered is going to last you over a year, how can you guarantee in a years’ time that the prices will still be the same? Simple, you can’t. Furthermore if you’re going to go for high end, putting your prices out there might not be the best idea. You want to communicate with the customer first, explaining why the product is such a great purchase, so when the price comes up for discussion, they already know why they should be buying it in the first place.

Too much Information

Another common mistake is an overwhelming amount of information placed on a banner, making it impossible for the customer at a glance to see what the roller banner is advertising. Often lots of contact details, addresses both email and street will confuse the customer who will not be able to remember half the things you’re trying to say. If you need to include your contact information, keep it simple. Email and phone number along with a name of who they should be contacting.

Spelling mistakes

This can be a major turn off for some people. Seeing the most basic words spelled incorrectly can spell disaster (pun intended) for a design. Bad spelling conveys a negative message – that the person who put it together may have been rushed or isn’t paying attention to detail. Bad spelling in an online blog – OK fair enough, but bad spelling on a roller banner is a major no-no. While we try to double check all the artwork we receive, remember it’s on you to make sure it’s correct!

That’s all from the banner’s blog for now – see you next time 🙂