Why use Vinyl Banner Marketing?

The marketing mix, a term that if you think about it covers an enormous range of media nowadays. From legacy media such as TV to new online social media such as Twitter or Facebook, getting the marketing mix right has never been more important.

One of the most essential marketing tools is print advertising. Think about it, it's everywhere. Visit a your local car showroom or pop down the street to the bank and you will see print everywhere, often conveying the latest product or offer.

For those on the go, we always would recommend using roller banners, as they have many great advantages.

If you own a showroom or an area where customers will frequently see or visit, then you might want to consider a more fixed form of printed advertising.

Where do you use Vinyl Banners or PVC Banners?

So Vinyl Banners (also known as PVC Banners) are a brilliant solution to getting your marketing message across where customers interact with you in the offline world. 

They work best in these sort of areas:

  • High traffic areas, such as traffic lights, junctions - somewhere where people are bored and will be looking around.
  • Shopping centers with foot traffic - simply put your offer on a banner in the window and people will see it.
  • Any location where you think your target customer may visit - be it a showroom or customer service area.

Why are Vinyl Banners or PVC Banners ideal again?

PVC Banner or Vinyl Banners are ideal for on the ground real world marketing because they are designed to work outside. Their material makes them extremely durable, even in direct sunlight. We print with high quality eco inks that are extremely resistant to fade. They come with brass eyelets so you can hang them in windy areas without fear of them tearing. Bottom line is they are durable. They are also cheap. 

If you compare the cost of other types of advertising in your marketing mix, you will find that printed banner advertising is the cheapest form of advertising there is! Apart from word of mouth of course :)

If you're ready to make the leap, take a look at your various customisable printed Vinyl Banners and PVC Banners (they are actually the same product but for reasons we don't quite understand both terms have entered modern day lexicon).