Where are the best places to deploy a Roller Banner?

One of the best things about roller banners is that they can be deployed virtually anywhere. They are the ultimate guerilla marketing tool. They are portable - they roll down to fit in a should bag, yet at the same time when fully extended can be same size as a billboard.

Here's a few suggestions of where you can deploy these versatile advertising tools.

Showrooms and Retail Outlets

In a showroom or retail space you will often want to draw attention to special offers or new products that you want to push. You need something that you can move around and change the message on a regular basis. This is where the reusable roller banner comes into it's own. You can order a new print but keep the hardware so it's usable again and again, keeping your message fresh and up to date to the customer.

Exhibitions and Events

If you're a regular atendee of a trade show or exhibtion and you haven't yet taken advantage of roller banners then this is something you need to pay attention to. They are literally the ultimate trade show tool and key to making a successful display. If you're not familiar with roller banner design, then we suggest you take a look at our how to design your own roller banner article.

Office Reception and Foyers

A great way to keep visitors to your building informed, you can deploy a roller banner right at the entry point of your building with information aimed directly at visitors. If you're in a location temporarily, it can be a great way to add branding to a building that might not be your permenant point of business.

Organisational Events

Your organisation may be hosting an event for it's own members. Be it an anniversary of the organisation or a new campaign that you are running, you will have a message you need to get across. Roller banners are a great way to do this.


Roller banners can be a great prop for a presentation. Deploying a few in a room takes only a few minutes to set up but will give your target audience something to get their minds focused as soon as they walk into the room. It also adds a certain degree of professionalism.


These are just a few ideas to get you thinking! People are finding new uses for roller banners every day - if you've got something that we've not thought of please let us know!