What's the difference between a Vinyl and PVC Banner?

As this is a recurring question, we'd thought we'd tackle this one on this week's blog post! Every few days or so, we get asked this question - what's the difference between a PVC or a Vinyl Banner? The answer is none! They are both one and the same. PVC is just another bit of jargon to add to your toolkit when dealing with your printing needs. It stands for Polyvinyl Chloride - hence PVC. Take a look at wikipedia for the full definition as we don't need to go into the full explanation on our humble blog.

Why use different names for the same product?

It's rather silly to use two different names for the same product, but unfortunately modern day lexicon has evolved in a way that they are both valid terms. It really depends on who you ask - one person may call them Vinyl Banners, another person will call them PVC Banners. If you take a look at our site, you can see that our range of PVC Banners and Vinyl Banners are essentially the same. We list both categories to help our users navigate the site - it's easier to find when the term you're used to using is there on the page!

What about the product?

Vinyl Banners and PVC Banners are extremely durable. The ones we manufacture are printed with eco-ink on our top of the line Roland industrial printers. They are suitable for outdoor use and exposure to the elements. We suggest a continuous use of about 3 years before the material starts to degrade but we have had some of our customers use them for much longer without having to replace. 

They are great for short term advertising where you need an eye catching full colour print that can go outside or in a shop window - they are great value for money and we often see our products used in supermarkets such as Tesco and Petrol Stations - BP have used a fair few from us.

We are able to offer fully customisable banners - literally just choose your size and order!

More Jargon

One of the most important things when ordering the vinyl banners or pvc banners is to check the quality of the material. This is measured gsm (grammes per square metre). Our laminated banners are a very high quality 550gsm - you can really feel the extra weight on the print. Our standard banners are 440gsm - again very high quality and suitable for outdoor use, but have the advantage of being lighter weight.

If you've got some follow up questions regarding our range of banners, don't hesitate to drop us a line on either the phone or our online chat.