What are the most common uses for Vinyl Banners?

Last week we introduced the differences between PVC and Vinyl Banners, which you may have been surprised to know that there isn't actually any difference between the two - they are one and the same! This time we'd like to take you through the most common usages of vinyl banners to help give you some inspiration when you're looking for something different in your marketing mix.

Trade Shows

As anyone who attends trade shows or conventions knows, the trade show banner is an invaluable tool at making your stand look professional with correct branding and message. Vinyl banners are perfect for this job. If you combine them with a few roller banners, you're looking at a winning marketing combination that's affordable and very effective.

Product and Service Promotion

Vinyl Banners are great if you're looking for an affordable print material to promote your new product or service. Their durability means you can hang them almost anywhere - they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With full colour high resolution print we like to think they look fantastic (providing appropriately fantastic artwork is supplied!)

Sports Banners

Customisable banners are excellent if you're attending a sporting event and want to broadcast your message to the world!

Political Campaigns

Vinyl banners are the ultimate tool in any political campaign. As they are easy to install, very durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use they are a vital tool in connecting with the local community!

Point of Sale (POS) Display

If you're looking to jazz up your checkout, display special offers or show off new items to your existing customers then vinyl banners are perfect for this job. Because of their fully customisable size, they can be tailored to fit any available space you may have and grab the attention of your customer right when they about to make a purchase.


We have a very wide range of fully customisable vinyl banners on our site. Please take a look and contact us if you have any questions!