Using Roller Banners To Boost Brand Awareness at Trade Shows

So we all know that roller banners are a great tool for marketing. They are super versatile, and as mentioned before on this blog we believe they are the ultimate guerrilla marketing tool. You can display them outside or inside, at conferences, shop windows, shopping centres… practically anywhere.

They really come into their own at trade shows giving any trade stand a slick, professional look which can really boost your brand recognition. Here’s a few pointers to ensure that you make the most of your roller banners and help promote your brand.

Position is key

Positioning your banner is everything. You can have a kick-ass design and a banner print that knocks it out of the park but that won’t matter if you’re deploying it where nobody will see it. Look carefully at the layout of the trade show, pay particular attention on how people will move past your spot. You want to put your roller banner in an area that will get the message to the most people as possible. Think about how to angle the banner to ensure that people will read it as they walk by. That will make the difference in drawing people to your stall.

Use of both text and graphics

You can have the best quality banner money can buy but without a great design you’re not going to attract anyone’s attention. You can always use our design service (just contact us and we’ll take you through your options) but if you already have a design in mind or even a graphic designer who does work for you then you probably want to use your own design. Remember make it clear, use imagery that’s appropriate for the message you’re conveying and as always remember to KISS (keep it simple stupid!).

Don’t forget contact info!

You’d be amazed at the number of times people forget the basics. If you’re going to be displaying your banner remember to include contact info at least somewhere in the design! Doesn’t have to take up the whole banner especially if you expect people to contact you directly at the trade show but it’s always a good idea to include your info somewhere on the design – someone might photograph your booth or banner. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to track you down after the show.