Tips for seasonal advertising

So we're deep into this years' winter and it's been a bit of a mixed bag so far - unseasonable warmth followed by cold days that really make you think of moving to a sunnier climate! What's important is to remember that despite the miserable winter weather is that people still need information on your products and services. Foot traffic in the winter months is at a premium and it's more important than ever to brighten up your display with some colourful banner advertising, be it with a roller banner or a large printed vinyl banner.

Update your Roller Banners

If you've already made the investment in a roller banner, remember it's important to keep things fresh and seasonal. Start thinking about those designs for Spring, even if it's still the middle of February! It gives people something to look forward to and with a spring theme you can use lots of colours which brighten up any area. Properly designed roller banners will make all the difference in your display area and helps retain those important mid-winter customers.

Freshen Your Campaign

While it may be tempting to simply recycle last year's materials, don't underestimate your customer's memory! If you're rolling out the same ads year on year people will take notice and remember and it can have the opposite to the desired effect. Not good and a bad way to conduct a marketing campaign. Fresh ideas are usually the way to go, helps keep things current and up to date. People like new that's also similar to old!

Make use of Custom Poster Printing

Having a custom printed poster can be a great tool in your marketing toolset. They are cheap, easy to mount and can change on a daily basis without much outlay. Keep the designs current (nothing looks worse than a faded poster, thankfully a rarity with our long life inks), use it to rotate offers and any sales promotions you're running.

Always Plan Ahead

Planning a season ahead always means you're ready to go with a new campaign. Remember keeping things fresh keeps people coming back for more - it's always better to be proactive rather than reactive!