The Secrets to Roller Banner design

There is a myriad of different aspects to a good design for a roller banner. The best ones (in our opinion) follow the basic formula of great contextual imagery, simple design (keep it simple, stupid, or k.i.s.s.), with a message that is on point and doesn't try to do too much.


So imagery has to be one of the most important parts of roller banner design. We have very high quality printers at our production centre and the benefit is they will pick out the smallest detail. The downside is they will pick out the smallest artefact in the image, and if you're using a large banner any imperfection in the image will be multiplied. Lighting is also very important on an image - taking a picture on your camera phone and turning it into a roller banner is never a good idea. Professional imagery is always the best way to go, with lossless compression wherever possible.

Fonts / Typefaces

While you may have your imagery sorted as well as a great overall design it's important to consider what typeface or font you will use for the text in your banner. Your corporate image is at stake here so you need to make sure you won't use a font that will jar with your logo and is legible from a distance.

If you're part of a large organisation you might find that you are restricted to using a corporate font, or marketing has been pre-assigned a list of fonts that are OK to use. Bear in mind that not all fonts are free and if you want a particular font you might have to buy the rights to use it in print.

A classic typeface that is very clear and legible are the fonts that apple use. When you think about it, they are the most successful company in the world right now so it might be worth taking a leaf out of their book. For their clean, simple look they use Myriad, Helvetica Neue, Lucida Grande and Avenir. All of these typefaces are sans serif and are very easy on the eye.

A Clear Message

After you've selected the perfect font, it's you need to consider what the message of your roller banner will be. While we have a great range of roller banners which you can see on our site, the size of the banner will affect the message you want to use. You might want to simple scale your design to fit a larger banner for people to see at a greater distance, or you might want to use the extra vinyl real estate to add detail to your message.

Remember, keep it simple - usually one line (your headline) will be enough to get across what you want to say. Any further info should be restricted to smaller font, such as bullet points, with your contact info placed at the bottom or to one side of the banner.