Roller Banners are a great low cost advertising platform

As we've said on this blog before, roller banners are a great way to promote your business and are extremely cost effective. Their portability makes them ideal to deploy at point of sale and are a great way to attract consumers attention while looking professional. Roller banners are also commonly used at exhibitions and trade events to businesses the edge over the competition. 

Creating a Design That Stands Out

Banner Design

Creating that Stand Out design (pun intended) for a roller banner stand is very important. Consider careful use of the artwork, make sure that it's in context with your message while ensuring that you are sticking to overall corporate design guidelines. We have a great quality printing setup using state of the art eco inks to ensure your designs really pop. Also ensure that you use a sufficiently high resolution for your artwork (vector is always preferred. Check out our previous blog post about this if you're not sure.

Roller Banner Choice

We have a very wide range of roller banners in stock at all times and it's very important to choose the right banner to match your requirements. Roller banners come in many different sizes, so start here. Go for a size that suits the space you intend to display it in. If you're going to a trade show, you may or may not be limited on space. If it's on your own premises or you want the banner to take center stage you might want to consider one of our extra wide banners.

Secondly consider what's best for your budget. All of our banners are printed to the same high standards. Only the vinyl material and banner stands are variable to suit your budget. If you're sure you only need the banner for a short while then consider one of our cheaper budget models. Alternatively if you intend to reuse the banner or budget is no option then you cannot go wrong with our premium range of roller banners.