New Customisable Banners Available in both Metric and Imperial

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our multi-unit customisable banner plugin which will allow you to choose to customise your banner in inches, feet, millimeters and centimeters.


For those "old school" types, this is a great feature that quite a few of you have been asking about for a little while now. Not everyone finds it easy working in metric - one of the great things about the UK is that both imperial and metric still coexist. To help ease the pain for everybody, our customisable banners are now available in either measurement.


If you're happy working in metric, then you can input your measurements in either millimeters or centimeters. If you like imperial, then go ahead and enter your measurements in feet or inches. We've cheated a bit and allow you to enter feet or inches with two decimal places.


Internally we work in millimeters or (centimeters down to two decimal places), so once you've placed your order, and added it to the basket, any measurements you've entered will automatically be converted into centimeters. To avoid confusion this will be highlighted to you when you add a banner to the basket and both units will be shown.


For those of you ordering roller banners it's business as usual - metric all the way. If demand is strong enough, we will start giving measurements in imperial for these too!.