How to use Roller Banner Stands

The best thing about roller banners in all their shapes and sizes is that they are very easy to use. You can deploy them almost anywhere, they are cheap, portable and reusable. Many companies and organisations have found that they are brilliant for presentations, conferences and trade shows. Assembling a roller banner is easy - so easy in fact that we can take you through it right now in just 3 easy steps.

1. Extend the legs

Your banner stand may come with retractable legs, which you will need to pull out. These provide added stability to the base as roller banner stand cases are usually the width of the banner but only the depth of the banner when it's still rolled up. This literally takes a moment but it's worth it so your banner doesn't fall over!

2. Put the frame together

This sounds more complicated than it is, and it takes literally a few moments. The frame is usually split into parts which can be easily aligned into one long piece. This is placed at the center of the banner to provide it with a vertical spine - this adds stiffness to the banner when it's unfurled. At this point your banner will look like an inverted T.

3. Pull the banner out

Your banner is rolled up at the base of the stand. This will need to be pulled out and attached to the top of the aluminium rod in the middle - you can now see your banner fully unfurled!


That's it! Really was that simple. We think that most of you probably won't need these instructions as the mechanism is fairly self explanatory. This blog post is mainly aimed at people who haven't used these great forms of advertising before but are thinking of joining the growing ranks of customers who've already found out how great they are. Check out our full range of roller banners to get you started. If you're looking at some design tips, take a look at our blog for some inspiration.

That's it for now, see you next week!