How to create artwork for a successful vinyl banner print

This week we take a look at a few helpful tips when designing the artwork for your print. When you are creating the artwork for your vinyl banners in order to get the best out of your design, it's important that you keep all of your important text, logos and images away from the edge of the banner.

The Banner Size

When sizing a banner, bear a couple of things in mind. If you want a 3' x 6' vinyl banner, you should set your artwork size to a 3x6 proportion in order to get the correct aspect ratio when it comes time to print your artwork on to the vinyl. Your background image should extend all the way to the edge of the banner. It's important to use vector based artwork rather than bitmap to ensure the highest quality print. You won't need to add any bleeds as we add the hems and grommet marks to the file for printing.

The Hem Line

The hem line is approximately one inch of the vinyl banner that is folded over and heat welded together which prevents tearing and makes the banner more durable. Our Vinyl banners are finished with heat welded hems and grommets.  As it's folded, the hem line is a little thicker than the rest of the banner because there is twice as much material there.


Grommets are used to hang and secure the banner. These are holes which are punched into the banner which are then filled with durable gromets to prevent the holes tearing. These are placed every 2-4 feet around the banner perimeter which we find is the best combination in minimising the inpact of gromets on artwork while ensuring the banner is easy to secure.

The Message Area

When putting together your artwork, use an imaginary border around the edges where it's fine to keep your background artwork but not your message artwork. This is because the area on the inside of the banner that will not have any hems or grommets on it. It's recommended that you leave at least two inches around the edge of the banner that doesn't have any text, logos or important information on it. This stops the information being folded into a hem or grommet hole being placed through some vital piece of information such as your contact information!