How to choose from our range of Roller Banners

While you may often see roller banners are large exhibitions or trade events, you may not realise the full range of different shapes and sizes that are available. You can easily find them in different sizes to match your advertising needs. Let's take a look at a few of the options we offer at Signfirm - all available within 24 hours of ordering!

Desktop Roller Banners

These roller banners are the go to size when you need a small advertising solution. These are very cost effective and are great to use in an office environment such as a presentation or a sales environment where you need a colourful advertising message that drives home it's point. 

Extra Wide Roller Banners

Our extra wide roller banners are a wide form factor that can truly provide a large space to get your message across from a very compact pacakge. These work best at trade shows and exhibitions and with the extra space you can either upscale your design or include more information that wouldn't be possible on a smaller roller banner.

Eco Friendly Roller Banners

Ideal for giving you the edge in environmental credentials, our range of eco friendly roller banners are made from sustainable bamboo. They help lower your CO2 footprint by utilising bamboo which has a CO2 lifecycle that's far lower than traditional banner stands made from aluminium.

Durable Roller Banners

Our premium line of roller banners uses extra thick banner material to ensure longer lifespan. While our standard banners have an industry beating lifespan, our durable range lasts even longer. These are ideal if you intend to use the banner on multiple occasions spanning years. You will often find your message needs updating before our premium roller banner needs service!

Remember It's All About... Design!

Whatever banner stand you choose to meet your needs, it's very important you have a great design to go with your banner! Remember any piece of advertising material is only as good as the message it's trying to convey. Check out our earlier blog posts for a few roller banner design tips to get you started!