Getting the best out of vinyl banner marketing

While a lot of businesses stick to the same marketing routine over and over, we are seeing an increasing number of businesses take the leap and invest in printed banners as they are seen as an avenue for growth. This week we take a closer look at different strategies for vinyl banner marketing.

What is vinyl banner marketing?

Vinyl banner marketing is a great way to get your message and brand directly to your target audience. The key is they provide targeted marketing. They can be placed at point of sale, outdoors or at a trade show or conference. With the right design and location you will see a significant return on investment (ROI).

Banner Design

We've looked in the past at banner design so we won't go into a lot of detail here. What we always advise is the design should be clear, simple and be tailored specifically to campaign that you're running. This will usually include contact info and details of any offers or promotions that are part of the campaign. We also recommend making the design interactive by using QR codes or even including a URL that's particular to that campaign.

Banner Placement

While printed banners are very versatile and can be placed virtually anywhere, there's generally a few places where you're almost guaranteed a response

  • At point of sale, or customer service - any area where your target customer is going to visit often
  • Areas with lots of traffic - juctions with traffic lights
  • Trade shows / exhibitions / conventions and shopping districts

Banner Printing

For outdoor use, always use our outdoor mesh vinyl banner as these withstand the elements and the perforations allow air to pass through - minimising ripping of the material. We always fit our printed mesh vinyl banners with eyelets and grommets so you can fasten them securly without worring about the material tearing.

Banner Campaign

As mentioned you can always check the response of your campaign if you use a particular QR code in your design or if you refer customers to a particular URL that's custom to that banner.

If you have any more ideas on how to track your campaign send us a note and we'll include it in next week's update!