Designing a good design for a Roller Banner

Getting the design right when you're putting together new marketing material can be - let's face it - a bit of a nightmare. There's literally so much to take into account and one of the biggest problems you have is choosing the right idea. Thankfully, there are few things you can do to make sure that your roller banners have a design that hits the nail on the head and look good at the same time. So here's a few tips for desiging roller banners:

Be loud

Poster paints are called poster paints for a reason. They are intended for large blocks of colour to make a design stand out. That's what you want to put together in your design. Be loud - attract people to your design. If a loud design isn't appropriate for the application - maybe you need something a bit more corporate then consider using contrasting desgin instead. Loud colours aren't necessary with a contrasting design but the effect can be just as good - although more restrained.

What about your logo?

If you're lucky your organisation already has a cool logo (like us!). In some cases your business's logo may clash with the design, especially if it's targeted at a particular audience. If this is the case, you can always see if your organisation has used other logos, or even has a libarary of approved logos. If you're running into trouble integrating a logo into your design, then you can always resort to using transparency for the logo which lets part of your design "blend" with the logo. Or you could just ask your graphic designer for a new one for that ad.

Think about the location where it will be deployed

Roller banners come in many different sizes. They can be printed double sided so your design can really stand out on the banner and makes great use of the available space. Smaller banners may be suited more to a desktop such as a reception desk or shelf. If you need to place your banner outside, then consider using a mesh roller banner which has material that's specially treated for being outside.

Avoid too much information

It might seem like a great idea to put everything under the sun on your banner design (including the kitchen sink) it may not be the best idea as it can confuse the message you're trying to get across. Always remember to use the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) concept when making a design for your banner. If your message is too complex for one banner then split it up. Spread your message across multiple banners which you can space apart, or try to whittle down your idea to the core of your message. The design can be just enough to entice the customer into a conversation with you - which you can then use to explain your great but complicated idea / product.

We're there when you need us

We know the creative process is hard work - we deal with it on a daily basis. If you're stuck getting your design sorted then you can always fall back on our design service. Let us deal with the task of putting your design together - all we need from you is your logo, graphics you want to use and any specific text you want to include. We'll do the rest!

That's all for this week!