Creating Easter Promotions with Roller Banners

With Easter almost upon us (March 27th this year just in case it's slipped your mind) it's the next big calendar event to run some great promotions to cater for your audience. From easter egg hunts to Easter Sunday meals for restaurants now's the time to order your banners to ensure your promotion get's noticed.


Customisable PVC Banner

What type of Banner do I need?

Great question, depends on the space the banner will be occupying! If you're looking to hand a sign over a doorway or enterence then ideally you'll be looking at a PVC or Vinyl Banner. 

These are flexible, are available with eyelets so you can string the banner above an opening or along a large flat surface. For more info, take a look at our customisable PVC banner range here:

These banners are fully customisable from materials (mesh, to allow air to pass through) to edges (welded hems to reinforce the edges of the banners).

Everything is printed at super high quality 1440dpi and we use eco-friendly ink!


Roller Banners

Promoting with Roller Banners

If you're running short on space or want an eye catching promo inside your place of business then we'd recommend roller banners which are able to stand on their own and can occupy almost any space.

We also supply wide roller banners which have a width of up to 2.40 meters (around 7ft 10") wide! These are great at large trade events where you may be running a promotion on your stand, or if you want a large eye catching promotion which is portable and can collapse into a very small space quickly.