Cheap advertising using roller banners

Continuing in the same vein as last week's how to on making the most out of your marketing budget, let's go over a few reasons why you'd want to consider the humble roller banner as a great way to get your message across at a corporate event, trade fair or exhibition.

Fast turn around, next day free delivery

We pride ourselves in our super fast turn around when receiving your latest print order. We aim to get everything delivered to you next business day and we know exactly how important marketing deadlines can be. Marketing schedules are often very tight with finished designs often only signed off literally a day or so before it's expected to be seen in print. We make it our aim to not to let you down if you're on a deadline and we do everything in our power to ensure your order is ready on time.

Roller Banners are different

Roller banners are the ultimate in impact advertising and we've often said they are excellent for guerilla marketing. They make presentations and keynotes fun and can be used to drive home a point to the audience (assuming you've got a great design). They are also different from the normal methods of advertising such as magazines, fliers etc and also have a more professional look.

Latest in Eco-Printing Technology

We always use the highest quality inks that are available on the market today and strongly believe in using inks that do not harm our printers or the environment. Roller banners are fully reusable, so while a poster or flier might be a one use item (and therefore more expensive as you have to keep ordering more), you can use roller banners again and again. Roller Banners are a great way of being environmentally friendly by cutting down on paper wastage!


One of the best things about roller banners is the design. The banner literally rolls up into it's own base which act's as a container for the ad. The container allows the graphics to be printed on very high quality vinyl. So you get a reusable advert that you can carry around with you to different events making a large impact on the most people possible. They are great value for money!

Great temporary signs

Roller banners are a great way to dress up a unit on the cheap. If you've just moved into a new building, or are renting space temporarily then you need to make the maximum impact for the short time you are there. Permanent signage can be time consuming to install, as you will need to think about the overall design and look of the building you occupy. They also let you lend a fair amount of professionalism to any vacant space, allowing you to deploy your branding quickly and cost effectively.

Don't forget to take a look at our wide selection of roller banners and we'll see you next week!