Back to School Roller Banners

Back to school season is upon us! Yes, all those signs and banners with back to school in happy writing that send shivers down the spine of every school kid still enjoying their summer holidays.

The back to school season is one of the best showcases around for uses for roller banners. It’s a temporary event, lasts for a few weeks and needs to be shouted from shop windows, showrooms and trade shows all across the country. That basically ticks all the boxes for roller banners – they are great at temporary advertising, work in almost any location and can be quickly deployed and removed when the event is over.

You can check out our full selection of roller banners over on our main site right now but let’s just go over a few of your options. You can also go for our standard range of pvc vinyl banners which are designed to be placed or hung rather than come in a standalone unit.

Choose the size of your banners to match your need

Look at the advertising area you’re looking to use. If it’s in a shop, you can either go for a hung banner or a roller banner which might sit at your point of sale. We offer fully customisable banner options so if you need to size the banner to suit your needs we can do that.

Think about the message

Remember it starts with back to school! Then think about the rest of your message. It’s usually going to be an offer, so back to school offer – 2 for 1 is always a good start.

Imagery is important

We always say, imagery is very important, it has to be contextual to the message. For example if you’re selling a toaster then at the very least you should include an accurate image of the toaster you intend to sell. Furthermore remember our detailed printers will print your image on a large scale. You have to make sure your image is of a high quality otherwise the size will show up any artefacts in the image (particularly if you’ve used compression)


If you run to run a back to school campaign and you’re unsure of your exact print needs you can contact us directly on  01923 23 25 27