Advertising on a budget

Advertising on a budget can be tricky as given the inception of online advertising there are now so many way to spend your money it can be very confusing and quite difficult when trying to get the best bang for your buck. Often people make the mistake of focusing solely online and ignoring print advertising. It's an easy mistake to make and why not? No body buys magazines nowadays do they? But what about printed banner advertising?

Targetable advertising

With printed banner advertising it's very easy to target your customer. Often you can place it directly at point of sale of where you know your intended audience will be. This is not necessarily so with online advertising - you can always adjust by demographic and area but you can't always guarantee the ad that you're spending money on per click will necessarily be clicked on by the right people.

Roller banners attract customers

Following on the theme of targeted advertising there's always the roller banner. This relatively new form of printed advertising is compact, portable and allows you to directly target your audience at almost any venue. They are easy to place - in a store front / shop window where you might want to consider our premium roller banners - to give your product that extra finish. They can also be placed outdoors although if you're considering a roller banner for long term outdoor use then we recommend our rugged outdoor grade roller banners. If you're thinking of running a promotion for a short time and need something to convey the message quickly and efficiently then you can always fall back on our economy roller banners - which are also cheap!

Design is everything

Remember you can spend a boat load of money on advertising but if your message is off then you're wasting your time. Signfirm always have designers on hand - if you're looking for help with design you can always ask us to help you design that roller banner, vinyl banner or printed banner and we'll be more than happy to help.